There is a natural curiosity about space, but there’s no way
for people to see and explore it.

The Virgin Galactic interactive installation at SXSW will give you a way to explore the unexplored and learn
while you do.

In areas surrounding SXSW in Austin, TX, we’ll place messages on the mirror in public
restrooms accompanied by galactic sounds. (Volume On)

Experience weightlessness as you enter the micro gravity simulation of outer space.

Navigate, discover, and play with the beyond in the Galactic shuttle simulation.

Further explore the vast expanse  of our galaxy with the Galactic VR experience that takes you into the depths of space

Suit up as an astronaut. Feel like part of that world. And take home a piece of the Galactic.

Play with the controls , learn to work them and  sign up for your space mission with Virgin Galactic.

Every part of the house would  show as a different part of the galaxy and different planets. When you click a picture and post to the gram, it will show a small pop-up with info as to where in the galaxy you are.

CW: Sharanya Narayanan | AD: Devin Fallen